We are partnering up with others and doing a complete overhaul of this site to one that will strategically bring the confusion, deception, and misunderstandings of Bible Prophecy, so we, all like-minded believers can work to make it clear together.

As we move closer and closer to the great and terrible Day of the Lord, getting as much bible prophecy fulfillment right as possible: will bring strength, hope, spiritual power and the battle plan of the great war, Armageddon.

The world’s armies will be firing in the sky as Jesus/Yeshua with His angels and saints are coming for war.those who died in Christ risen from the graves than those that are

Those who died in Christ risen from the graves than those that are alive and still remain on earth at the very end, those who will NOT see DEATH, but WILL SEE the LORD JESUS COMING and DESTROYING Satan/Antichrist, False Prophet and the two billion man army… etc.

Even before that, those on the earth will be blaspheming God, and 100-pound hail falls signifying the punishment for blasphemy, and those that continue to blaspheme God for the plagues coming on the earth are hailstoned to death.

Bible prophecy studies reveal that there is so much in the prophetic books of the Bible with the most exciting fulfillments on the horizon from God Himself onto the unredeemed and evil ones.