The book “Heaven is for Real, A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back” written by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent and read by Dean Gallagher in the audio version is pretty good except for a major blunder.  I am not sure whether to discount the entire story now or what, but if there is a lie in the story it does not bode well for that story, as there is no lies with God.

I was pretty excited to see this audio book on iTunes and immediately downloaded it and started listening.  A few days later as I had the time, or made the time to really listen to the entire thing wanting to believe it to be true. By nature I can be a gullible person, or a trusting person whichever way you look at it.

I have listened to other stories, the amazing 6 Hours in Heaven by Henry Gruver, whose van crashed and flipped over and told of a story of visiting heaven. I do not have a copy but am trying to locate one… truly amazing

Then there is the 23 minutes in Hell book and another heaven book, the title escapes me at this time.

I do believe the many things mentioned in the Heaven is for Real book are true in heaven. Unfortunately if one aspect of the story is false, it tends to crush the entire story.  And so it is with Heaven is for Real.

Let me first say, I believe, I know heaven is for real. I believe it is exactly how the Bible describes it. There are unimaginable things in heaven. More real then this dimension. For the most part, the book ‘Heaven is for Real’ does good. But when it is told that Jesus has a Daddy is where the issue comes in.

Jesus is the Daddy of Heaven, the omnipotence of God is hard to understand with our carnal minds, but if you see Jesus you see the Father. Jesus is the Father as God is indivisibly and undeniably ONE!

This book ‘Heaven is for Real’ talks about the ‘trinity’ and the ‘three persons of God’… it’s just a shame that this story is told from a very young boys point of view or experience that says he saw, basically the trinity when in heaven.


I did not do justice to this topic, but here you can find more details on why I believe the trinity (not ever mentioned in the bible by name) and the phrase, “God the Son” (never spoken of in that manner), as it is always the son of God.